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At Proctor Electrical, we know that steady and reliable phone access is essential to your business and everyday needs. We help you stay connected all year round with our professional Phone Line Installation & Repair service for residential and commercial premises. Utilising the best quality cabling, diagnostic tools and electrical know how, we deliver affordable electrical services complete with lifetime warranties.

Are you experiencing poor phone line quality or static interference? Lacking a dial tone? Do you need another phone line/outlet for your home office or commercial premises? Call in the expert team at Proctor Electrical today and we’ll have you sorted in no time.

  • Phone Line Installations for All Rooms (Kitchen, Bedroom, Office, Hallway, Study and more)
  • Phone Socket Installs
  • Phone Line Repairs
  • ADSL Connections
  • Expert Advice on Optimal Placement of Phone Lines
  • No Job Too Difficult
  • All Work Performed in Accordance with State Guidelines
  • Workmanship Guaranteed, Lifetime Warranty

Quality Installations, Reliable Performance

The quality of your phone connection is dictated by the use of quality materials, workmanship and strategic placement. With so many devices making use of phone lines today, it is often necessary to install them in multiple rooms of the house. This will enable you to connect your phones, computers, smart TV’s, gaming consoles and other devices with ease, without the need for messy extension cables which can also compromise the quality of your connection.

The team at Proctor Electrical aim to exceed all expectations, and we will take the time to understand your needs before commencing the installation or repair process. Efficient placement of phone lines will ensure your needs are met both now and into the future, reducing downtime and inconvenience.

Phone Line Repairs and Evaluation

You may already have an existing phone line, but if it’s an older phone line it may start to play up causing interference, dropouts and other issues. Perhaps it is in a poor location which necessitates the need of unsightly cables draped around the room, getting in the way and ruining the aesthetics of your home or office.

Proctor Electrical are more than happy to assist with phone line repairs, and we can also advise on optimal location to improve efficiency. All repair work is carried out with strict attention to detail using high-quality phone lines and componentry to ensure reliable performance, and all work is performed in accordance with Australian regulations.

Residential and Commercial Repairs and Phone Line Installation in Sydney and Wollongong

Proctor Electrical are proud to provide home and business owners with electrical services 24 hours, 7 days a week. Whether you live in a freestanding home, apartment or run a business – we will come to you when you need us most, no matter where in Sydney you may be based.

Our vans are fully equipped with all necessary tools and equipment to carry out repairs on the spot. Don’t put up with a faulty phone line, call us now for immediate repair.

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From home offices to bedrooms, to industrial warehouses and state of the art office buildings – Proctor Electrical are the electrical experts when it comes to Sydney phone line installation and repair.

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